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Dublin: mythic Irish city or cosmopolitan European capital? Dublin is a little of both with its lively historic pubs and upscale modern restaurants. Travelers have been coming to Dublin for decades in search of Irish hospitality and that elusive perfect pint of Guinness, or to see up close the works of Jack B. Yeats or follow in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom, the famous character from James Joyce’s ultimate novel, Ulysses. The things that draw tourists to Dublin travel are varied and numerous, but one thing is for sure: each summer, Dublin is crowded with travelers from all over the world who snap photos of its iconic Georgian squares and absorb the lively atmosphere of its friendly pubs.

Though most people choose to book their Dublin travel during the summer, when the weather is at is finest, Dublin holds an elusive power during the winter, when fickle winds send the rain sideways and drive people indoors for conversations and drinks. Whenever you choose to travel to Dublin, you’ll find the weather mild and rainy and the people always willing to chat with a stranger or buy a round of drinks.

Dublin has a number of interesting attractions, including several noted art museums and historic sites. The National Gallery of Ireland is located in Dublin and houses a notable collection of Irish and European works of art. Trinity College is home to the Book of Kells, an ancient bible and Dublin’s most popular tourist attraction. Meanwhile, the city has some beautiful parks and gardens that are wonderful for exploring on a rare sunny day, including Phoenix Park, the largest urban park in all of Europe, St. Stephen’s Green and the Irish National Botanic Gardens.

Dublin’s largest tourist draw, though, is undoubtedly its active nightlife scene. With literally hundreds of pubs scattered across the city, it would be impossible to avoid them and, indeed, many travelers come to Dublin quite simply for pub crawls. Organized pub crawls are offered with a number of different themes, from literary to musical, bringing tourists on evening walks to explore some of the most popular watering holes around the city and sample some of the finest stouts and whiskeys. Dublin is also home to Guinness, Ireland’s most prolific export, and the Guinness Storehouse - a museum dedicated to the Irish stout - is also a popular tourist attraction.

No matter your reasons for visiting Dublin, whether to explore the lively pubs or take in the city’s historic architecture, you will discover that is indeed one of the friendliest and most entertaining cities in the world.


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