Dublin Nightlife, Restaurants and Cafes


Dublin Restaurants and Cafes

Dublin’s amazing nightlife is one of the main draws for visitors to the city. Hundreds of pubs dot the city where one can find the truly fantastic Irish sense of good fun, with traditional music, free-flowing pints of beer and laughter - what the Irish call craic. And although it is not known as a culinary destination, as Dublin has emerged into the 21st century as a cosmopolitan European capital, so its restaurant scene has exploded with wonderful food. From upscale Thai dining to modern European cuisine to traditional Irish dishes, there are some amazing things to eat in Dublin.

Any first-time visitor should begin their exploration of Dublin nightlife in Temple Bar, the city’s bohemian entertainment district. Here, dozens of restaurants, bars and clubs are congregated together along a few quaint cobblestone streets in some of the city’s oldest buildings just south of the River Liffey. Established in 1840, The Temple Bar (47/48 Temple Bar, Dublin 2; +353 (0)1 6725286; www.thetemplebarpub.com) carries the district’s namesake and is one of the most iconic Irish pubs in the world, with its bright red facade and the sounds of traditional Irish music spilling out from within. Just a few doors away, the Palace Bar (21 Fleet Street, Dublin 2; +353 (0)1 6717388) is a historic pub where some of Dublin’s literary greats once wrote and drank.

No exploration of Dublin nightlife would be complete without a taste of traditional Irish music. The Brazen Head (20 Lower Bridge Street, Dublin 8; +353 (0)1 6779549; www.brazenhead.com) is both the oldest pub in Dublin (founded in 1198) and one of the best places in the city to hear live traditional music. With a fantastic menu of Irish dishes, it is also a great place for an evening meal.

If it is a pint of truly spectacular Guinness what you’re after, you should definitely head to Mulligans (8 Poolbeg Street, Dublin 2, +353 (0)1 6775582), an old-style pub on an out of the way street on the south side of the river. Mulligans has been in business since 1782 and many Guinness connoisseurs agree that they pour the best pints in the city (and, therefore, the world).

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